Tony McGurk

Co-Founder and Chairman

Tony’s greatest passion is solving problems with disruptive technology.

Tony created Reward4Waste in 2018 with the mission to reduce waste through pioneering digital technology – focussing on unique coding to bring traceability and transparency to all items placed in market.

A technology expert with over 40 years experience, Tony has worked on Mainframes, Minicomputers, Distributed Systems, and has been around for the birth of the Email, the Internet, the Cloud and in the last decade, the rise of everything from Mobile to Blockchain to AI.

Tony is a founder member of the Oxford Blockchain Foundation, a member of the London Blockchain Foundation, the British Blockchain Association and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain and A.I.

Tony received certification for completion of the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme from University of Oxford and Said Business School.

Previous to Reward4Waste, Tony has developed innovative solutions ranging from mainframe internet connectivity and hybrid consumer-facing systems, additionally he has delivered a host of commercial applications that bring competitive advantage to multi million projects for the likes of Central TV, Swiss Life Group, Honeywell, and JCB.

Tony shares his thoughts on Reward4Waste

“In the world of waste Reward4Waste harnesses the power of digital intelligence to facilitate the return and reuse of items using unique coding and smart technology. In a nutshell, we make reuse and recycling easy for citizens to engage and take part in, whilst bringing credibility, transparency and accountability to the supply chain.

We use green Blockchain and A.I. to prevent fraud, manage provenance, bring insights and model data.

Reward4Waste is a reuse and recycling platform that can capture any uniquely coded item (from food and drinks containers through to textiles) with the ability to change the way people think about waste and incentivise citizens to do the right thing.

If you are an organisation looking to reduce waste and bring transparency and accountability to items placed in market, we would love to discuss Reward4Waste with you”