The consumer is at the heart of what we do.

We’ve created a solution to tackle the waste crisis that offers ease and simplicity to the people who use it. Behind the scenes lies intelligent technological architecture to bring insights, data and results.

Front-end simplicity
back-end intelligence

re-universe uses digital intelligence and serialisation to keep items in the circular economy for longer. It does this in a secure, efficient and low-cost way through a unique distributed ledger.

Consumer ease and simplicity is at the heart of re-universe – no need to download an app, take a photo, visit a website, organise a waste collection – simply scan and return.

Security and immutability

Each participating item is uniquely coded with QR, RFID or NFC using GS1 global standards.

Our platform uses a Distributed Ledger and AI to provide anonymity, security, rich data and behavioural modelling. The technology creates transaction records that are immutable, and enable transparent ledgers where updates are nearly instantaneous.

Our technology is designed to be as close to carbon-neutral as possible.


Patented technology

In 2023 a patent for our revolutionary Digital DRS Technology was granted. “This represents a major milestone for re-universe and our goal of Digital DRS" said Tony McGurk, Chairman at re-universe. "This patent is a testament to our team's expertise and dedication to pushing the envelope of innovation. We believe that this technology has the potential to transform the recycling landscape, and we are excited to continue our efforts in advancing the industry to new heights." With this new patent, re-universe strengthens its position as the leading player in Digital DRS and reinforces its commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies that shape the future. We look forward to leveraging this breakthrough technology to drive positive impacts and create new opportunities.


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