The Technology

The consumer is at the heart of what we do. We’ve created a solution to tackle the waste crisis that offers ease and simplicity to the people who use it. However, behind the scenes it takes a great deal of technological architecture to create such a simple solution.

Front-end simplicity, back-end intelligence

re-universe (previously Reward4Waste) uses digital intelligence and unique coding to keep items in the circular economy for longer. It does this in a secure, efficient and low-cost way through a unique application of green blockchain.

Consumer ease and simplicity is at the heart of re-universe (previously Reward4Waste) – there is no need to take a photo, visit a website, organise a waste collection – simply scan the return point or recycling bin, scan the item/s and redeem rewards.

Security and immutability

Each participating item is uniquely coded, bringing end-to-end transparency and richer data and insights to help transform your business.

We are code agnostic, which means you can source the unique codes through ourselves on another supplier.

Our solution uses green Blockchain and AI to provide anonymity, security, rich data and behavioural modelling. The technology creates transaction records that are immutable, and enable transparent ledgers where updates are nearly instantaneous.

Our green blockchain has been designed from the ground up and  optimised to be as close to carbon-neutral as possible.


Patent pending technology

  • Green Blockchain technology eliminates fraud. It can be guaranteed that there is never more than one reclaim of a deposit per container
  • We are code agnostic
  • Any item, whatever size or material, can be tracked
  • Unique coding to track items throughout the circular economy (not just to point of recycling)
  • Engaging, inspiring and educating people on good recycling
  • Loyalty programme integration
  • Bringing richer insights on recycling behaviour and modelling
  • Can capture recycling anywhere. At home, at the supermarket, at an event, at the beach…the opportunities are endless.
  • Any item that has ‘on item’ coding and ‘return point’ coding can use re-universe (previously Reward4Waste)
  • Enables a widespread distribution of return points, with a geo-location function, so that consumers can always find your return point.


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