re-universe press release – 13th December 2022

re-universe, providers of the world-beating digital reuse and recycling platform and pioneers of Digital Deposit Return Scheme (DDRS), are delighted to announce the appointment of Doug Morwood as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective from December 2022. 

2022 has been a breakthrough year for re-universe, seeing highlights such as the deployment of their digital platform at The Championships Wimbledon 2022 in association with Danone and major drinks brand evian, then at Sainsbury’s, engaging visitors to return drinks bottles for Recycle Week.  In October they launched their digital cup system at Blenheim Palace in collaboration with Circular&Co., eradicating single use cups by providing a returnable cup system for visitors to the UNESCO world heritage site. This innovative scheme has achieved strong visitor acceptance and engagement alongside providing Blenheim with rich data and insights. This year also saw re-universe change its name from Reward4Waste to reflect their ambition to create a universe of reuse and recycling hubs enabling positive behaviour change.

The new structure will further accelerate and underpin the company’s massive growth opportunities.

Doug is well respected within the world of reuse and brings significant expertise in circular systems and system change having delivered transformative projects such as a 3-year EU H2020 project researching Circular Systems change and informing policy and business recommendations. Doug has also developed a place-based systems innovation process enabling multiple stakeholders to engage more confidently in the necessary transition from a linear to a circular/regenerative economy.

Steve Clarke will take on the role of Chief Commercial Officer. Steve will continue to drive growth and support key projects, as re-universe prepares for widespread roll-out. 

Doug says “I am delighted to join the dynamic team at re-universe. With alarming statistics on waste and single use, we need real-world solutions to enable circularity, and re-universe delivers just that. With successful reuse and recycling projects under their belts, I look forward to harnessing the potential of re-universe globally and locally, alongside strengthening partnerships/collaborations so that together we can influence change”

Tony McGurk, Chairman of re-universe adds “I am extremely pleased and excited to be able to welcome Doug Morwood to the re-universe family as our new CEO. Doug’s existing experience in this sector is a real coup for us and I look forward to working with him. Before that however I would like to thank Steve for all his hard work over the last three fantastic years. Steve’s experience of managing at the highest levels has been key to guiding the company through two successful world-first Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) trials, managing our spectacular growth and driving the company development. I am extremely pleased that Steve will be taking up the role of Chief Commercial Officer and spearheading some major projects already in the pipeline.”


Note to Journalists

Doug Morwood, CEO – re-universe is available for interview to discuss his new role and how technology such as re-universe can help drive the circular economy.

Please contact:

Rachel Warren – Marketing Director re-universe


re-universe is a reuse and recycling platform that accelerates positive change through disruptive digital technology. The platform works by uniquely coding items placed in market and capturing them upon return. Their mission is to inspire and engage people (organisations and citizens) to keep items in the circular economy for longer through reuse or recycling. Their advanced technology platform can work across any item and any return point.

In 2020 / 2021 re-universe delivered two world-first trials on Digital Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) seeing strong engagement and 94% return rate in Dublin – and remains the only organisation to have run a true digital deposit and return pilot to test Digital DRS in real world scenarios.

The experienced re-universe team cover circularity, technology, commercials, behavioural science, collaborative/multi-stakeholder projects and user engagement and has undertaken significant research to ensure the company’s offering is very simple for citizens to use, with instantaneous rewards, bringing depth of knowledge and engagement required to change recycling and return behaviour for good.

The consumer journey

Front end simplicity – back end intelligence. No more opaque provenance. No more confused citizens.

The journey may differ by project, but all share a common goal, to make it easy for people to return items for reuse or recycling. Reducing waste and keep valuable items in the circular economy for longer.


1. Get your phone
2. Scan the code
3. Be engaged
4. Return item
5. Get deposit / rewards

Digital Intelligence

We’ve created a platform that you can depend on. Using unique coding, green blockchain and AI to prevent fraud, bring transparency and manage provenance.

Digital <strong>Intelligence</strong>

The Blog

We are seeing more people than ever relying on connected tech to help them manage almost every aspect of daily life, with the last 12 months seeing remarkable growth when it comes to digital usage – the last 12 months have brought about a decade’s worth of behavioural change

The <strong>Blog</strong>

Rich data

The Reward4Waste app makes recycling easy – incentivising and rewarding people for good recycling behaviour. The app captures any uniquely coded item and registers its recycle through the uniquely coded bin or return point. 

Rich <strong>data</strong>

Making recycling easy

The Reward4Waste app makes recycling easy – incentivising and rewarding people for good recycling behaviour. The app captures any uniquely coded item and registers its recycle through the uniquely coded bin or return point. 

Making recycling <strong>easy</strong>

The Team

Reward4Waste is created by a team with expertise in technology and brands, our team is growing to reflect the need for a trusted platform that enables circularity through unique coding which inspires people to do the right thing.

The <strong>Team</strong>



Our technology is also ready to roll out for digital recycling or digital re-use. We are known as pioneers in digital recycling, having run 2 world-first Digital DRS projects in 2020/2021 and a recent evian project at Wimbledon reaching over 500,00 visitors.

Please get in touch and we can chat through how re-universe can work in your organisation.

1. Transforming consumer behaviour around reuse and recycling – the app incentivises and rewards consumers for good behaviour, whilst having the ability to bring transparency and traceability to the supply chain

2. Bringing incremental economic value through the recycled and re-used items – a true circular economy

3. Immutable, secure and auditable – tracking packaging end to end

4. Capturing data and insights over time to understand consumer behaviour

5. Depending on the scheme, re-universe can work within existing waste management and infrastucture – reducing costs and carbon footprint

6. re-universe offers a real chance to accelerate change and make a positive difference

7. re-universe brings consumer ease to reuse and recycling

All of our live projects can be found on our website, we are working on a number of projects yet to appear so watch this space!

If you would like to talk to us about a potential collaboration please get in touch at

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There is a growing global awareness of the waste crisis; governments across the globe are under pressure to take action.

The UN Global Partnership on Marine Litter has an action plan put forward by the G7 and G20 and a resolution on marine litter and microplastics was adopted at the United Nations Environment Assembly.

The EU has set out its vision for Europe’s new plastics economy EU Member States will be obliged to reach a 90% collection rate for disposable plastic drink bottles by 2025. By 2030 all plastics packaging placed on the EU market will be recyclable or easily recycled. An EU target is in place for recycling 65% of municipal waste by 2030 and the EU has issued a directive requiring every soft drink producer to use at least 25% recycling by 2025.

Plans are in place to introduce a DRS scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by 2023 with Scotland the first to implement within the UK.

Ambitious legislative targets are being put in place; many countries will struggle to meet targets and new processes and levers need to be developed to tackle the practicality of waste management and the inertia in behavioural change.

We believe radically improving reuse and recycling is the cornerstone to turning the plastic tide. It is clear that collection, sorting and reprocessing need to improve, but in parallel having a circular system that engages and changes consumers behaviour through incentivisation is critical to the success of any solution.

Deposit return schemes (DRS) are becoming more and more common all around the world. When you purchase a drink in a plastic bottle (in some cases glass) you’ll be charged a small deposit at point of purchase. When you return the bottle for recycling, you will receive your deposit back.

How your deposit is returned to you is dependent on how the country runs their DRS. In some nations, you’ll need to return the bottle to a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) at a superstore or other retail location. In other countries, the bottle will need to be returned to a designated recycling point (like a council run tip or waste management site). Regardless of the location, the deposit is always able to be claimed back.

The UK government has announced a DRS will be introduced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2024, with Scotland looking to introduce a DRS earlier.

re-universe have developed a system where deposits for beverage containers will be returned through an app that gives an instant reward or loyalty card style collection of points dependent on how the consumer wishes to be rewarded for recycling. This is known as Digital DRS and we are known in the industry as the Digital DRS pioneers.

We have run 2 World-first projects in Northern Ireland and Dublin and look forward to running more Digital DRS projects in the future.

We are really excited about the potential of re-universe, and are currently working with key stakeholders and interested parties to help bring this idea to life across the UK and beyond. Please do contact at if you would like to talk to us about how re-universe could benefit your business.

re-universe technology is the cornerstone of many recycling and reuse projects that you may already be involved in!

Global smartphone ownership grows daily. According to recent research, in the UK 95% of all households in the UK own a mobile phone, with 78% of those using a smart phone and this number is growing fast.

Having an app based solution makes re-universe easy and convenient to use, however, for those without a smart phone, we have a home scan option.

re-universe uses unique codes, or serialisation, which are placed on each individual item (either on the physical product or a receipt).

Digitisation is without doubt the future of a true circular economy, allowing for traceability of waste, immutability, flexibility, rich insights and data – for cradle to grave accountability.

We are code agnostic – we can either create the unique codes for you, or work with your unique codes.

Contact us to improve
your circularity

re-universe can help you achieve your DRS, EPR & sustainability targets

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