Jane Hall

Business Advisor

We are delighted to welcome Jane Hall to join our brilliant team of Board Advisors.

Jane is a Chartered Waste Manager, Environmental Manager and an experienced Environmental Consultant, with a strong background in waste management, environmental regulation and compliance.

Jane shares our passion and commitment to reduce waste, whether it be plastic, coffee cups, textiles or food.

In Jane’s words…

“I wanted to join Reward4Waste on their journey to reduce waste; by transforming use, reuse and recycling initiatives and making ‘doing the right thing’ easy.

The Reward4Waste app is engaging and educational whilst being super easy for people to use. The platform brings credibility and trust to the whole process by making the invisible – visible through digitisation. I’m looking forward to helping make a difference in the war against waste”

Tony McGurk adds…
“Our Board of Advisors brings together a team of leaders and innovators all reflecting our commitment to change. With expertise that spans across sustainability, supply chain, technology, textiles, policy and coding standards, we are delighted that Jane is joining the team to help shape the future of Reward4Waste”