Karen Bendell

Board Advisor

We are delighted to announce that Karen Bendell has joined the CryptoCycle advisory board with a focus on textiles.

Karen is a specialist in textiles, fashion and retail, and has worked with global manufacturers and brands throughout her career. In her recent leadership roles, she has used new technologies to transformed fashion brands and how they speak and sell to their customers.

Karen will help lead the textiles opportunity for Reward4Waste and is also driving forward the relationship with Textiles2030 and WRAP.

When asked about her decision to join Cryptocycle Karen said…

’When Tony first explained Reward4waste to me, I could immediately see how this could contribute to solving textiles big issues around waste.

For too long fashion has used resources in a take, make and replace way with most items destined for landfill. This is clearly unsustainable.

Fashion needs new solutions that are simple to use and engage citizens to do the right thing to reduce, reuse or recycle.

I’m excited to be advising the Cryptocycle Board as textiles circular economy takes off.’

If you are a textiles organisation keen to reduce your footprint – please get in touch to find out how Reward4Waste can help.