Reuse Resolution

January 3, 2024 | Written by Kyryl

Let’s raise a (returnable) cup to 2024

Make reuse your resolution and eradicate single use containers in your organisation
There is no time to waste

Our digital returns system is eliminating single use cups at Blenheim Palace, and this video highlights how it works. In collaboration with our friends at Circular&Co. creators of the smart returnable cup.

Digital returnable cup system at Blenheim Palace

Eliminating single use cups for good 

At the end of 2023, Blenheim took the bold step in eliminating 500,000 single use cups every year by offering crockery (drink in) and Circular&Co. smart returnable cups (drink on the go).

With a £2 deposit, visitors scan the unique GS1 QR code on the cup which automatically opens the re-universe returns platform for speedy return and deposit refund. Visitors can also gift the deposit to Blenheim’s green initiatives or donate to charity.  There’s no need to download (yet another) app or cause friction by asking the user to register before purchase.

Each cup is embedded with RFID technology from Avery Dennison which enables full cup traceability on the re-universe platform, allowing Blenheim to manage their cup inventory with accurate data including return and reuse rates, washing status and location inventory. RFID tech also helps remove unnecessary friction for the consumer. 

We’ve teamed up with Circular&Co. on this groundbreaking project. Their returnable cups are tested for at least 1,000 uses and the cups are ‘real world’ recyclable at end of life. Using this returnable cup just three times means it is carbon negative vs single use.

re-universe case study by GS1 UK

We are proud to be a GS1 UK partner, using global standards on all our projects.

Their recent case study shines light on our re-universe projects, including our pioneering world-first Digital DRS projects seeing an impressive 94% return rate, and also our work with evian waters at The Wimbledon Championships

Incredible things happen when we work together!

Thank you to all our clients, collaborators, supporters and friends. 

2023 has been an incredible year and we look forward to
more in 2024

Happy New Year

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