Championing circularity

We’re on a mission to keep items in the circular economy for longer.

Our team includes experts from tech, operations, commercial, global standards, marketing.

We’re also proud to collaborate with multinational global organisations who believe in re-universe as much as we do.

The people behind the brand

We are passionate about the environment and like tackling big problems. That’s why we created re-universe.

Using digital technology to engage and spark citizen behavioural change, re-universe offers a transparent and incorruptible method of tracking individual items through the circular economy.

From digital DRS, digital recycling and digital reuse, get in touch to find out how we can help you

The B Corp Vision

We don’t just want to talk the talk, we want to walk the walk, which is why we are delighted to announce that we’ve started our journey to BCorp status. 

It won’t be an easy task, nor should it be. We will be tracking and demonstrating our commitment to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

We are committed and ready. Our use of green blockchain and ‘zero carbon’ offices at the Eco Business Centre reflect our passion for a better way – but this is only the start – there is so much more we can do. We look forward to meeting this challenge.

About Textiles 2030

We are proud to be founding members of Textiles 2030 – the ‘most ambitious ten-year programme for clothing and textiles in the world.’

Textiles 2030 is WRAP’s new ground-breaking, expert-led initiative, harnessing the knowledge and expertise of UK leaders in sustainability to accelerate the whole fashion and textiles industry’s move towards circularity and system change in the UK.

About our home

We are proud to be based in the UK’s first Passivhaus Plus working space and one of the UK’s greenest commercial buildings – which means it generates more energy than it consumes.

Meet the team

We are a technology business with a consumer focus, and our team reflects that.

Tony McGurk


Steve Clarke


Rachel Warren

Chief Marketing Officer

Jordan McGurk


Chris Mannall

Software Developer

Jane Hall

Board Advisor

Karen Bendell

Board Advisor

Iain Ferguson

Board Advisor

Gary Lynch

Board Advisor

Steve New

Board Advisor


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